BVSS MBIS-Alt MBVIS Libelle's Atomaestro

Chester was an exciting and fun dog!


Shown at the Dartmouth Kennel Club shows in May 2018, handled by Lindsay Cameron, Chester went Best Altered in Show all four shows, under judges Janet Lobb,
Richard Paquette, Pamela Bruce, and Terry Carter, all piloted by Lindsay Cameron. 


There were many lovely comments from the judges, mainly that they were astounded that at 8 years old, he has all of his teeth and they're in great condition! 

Chester finished 2018 as the #4 all breeds-altered in the country. 

Chester is now retired from showing at age 10, he attained 9 of the 10 required points for his Altered Championship.

Chester & Lindsay at the end of the weekend with his Best in Show (Alt) rosettes!

Chester made a splash in the show world by going Best Veteran in Specialty Show at the 2017 Italian Greyhound Club of Canada's National Specialty show in Moncton, NB.

Chester had never set foot in a dog show before, but was solid as a rock, and enjoyed every second of it!


Chester winning Best Veteran in Show at the

2017 IGCC National Specialty, under breeder judge Ben Wasylyshen.

Handled expertly by Lindsay Cameron

Photo by Walt Norris