About Seaswift


I began in sighthounds in 2010, with a little seal coloured Italian Greyhound named Ophelia. We ventured into the show ring, winning Best Puppy in Group at the Dartmouth Kennel Club in 2011.  Unfortunately, Ophelia's show career ended abruptly, and life moved on.

I added her litter mate, Chester, in 2011. At this time, I discovered the amazing sport of lure coursing, however were dismayed to discover that there were no clubs offering coursing east of Ontario. 

This spurred me to found the East Coast Sighthound Association, with the goal of becoming CKC accredited to hold sighthound specialties, and lure coursing events. In November 2016, that dream became a reality, when the CKC approved our club membership. 


I added two more Italian Greyhounds in 2012, Penelope & the elderly Brando, and adopted a retired racing greyhound, Chumley, in 2014. Sadly, Brando passed away that year at 13 years old, and I lost Penny in January of 2019.

In 2015, I got a message on Facebook from a dear friend, asking if I had meant it when we said we wanted a puppy from her whippet Kate, something I had said in semi-jest a few years prior, having fallen in love with Kate's sweet temperament. I quickly said yes! 

While I love our little IGs, I have fallen in love with the ease of the whippet breed. Evangeline came home at 9 weeks, almost potty trained, and such a ball of fire! She demanded that Chumley, the greyhound who didn't particularly care for puppies, love her, and snuggle and play. She's a bit crazy still, but a great little girl. 

In 2016, I was honoured with the stunning addition of Timber, from Templar whippets in West Virginia. Timber brings with him high hopes for the show ring and coursing field; I am very lucky to share my sofa with him!